This 3D animation aims to depict the crowded and choatic nature of our molecules. To do this, our team at the ScienceVis Lab decided to visualize just how complex it is for a 'simple' molecular pathway to occur within our cells. We chose to focus on the Jak-STAT pathway since it is implicated in human diseases such as cancer.

Since molecular environments tend to be extremely packed, we were also interested in seeing whether certain visual techniques might work best to depict a crowded environment without overwhelming the viewer. This animation is one of two differing animations that will be evaluated in a future assessment with undergraduate biology students. The resulting animations will serve as an exemplar for 3D animations in molecular biology and stimulate discussion on visual techniques within the field of biomedical communications.

Role: Animation/Script/Scientific research
Credits: Jodie Jenkinson, Gael McGill, Nick Woolridge
Sound: Tim Wheeler

Award of Merit 2016 - Association of Medical Illustrators
Featured article in the Canadian Chemical News - Chemical Institute of Canada
Featured article in the Biomedical Communications Masters Program website
National Top Five Award for a 3-Minute Thesis Talk 2015 - Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada
Featured article in the Univerity of Toronto Missisauga News
Vesalian Scholar Award 2015